How I Color My Hair With A Semi Permanent (Beginning To End) 2017

Published on Sept. 28, 2017
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Coloring my hair with a semi-permanent hair color is the safest option for me because it does not contain ammonia nor bleach. It is a deposit only color so it is even safe to use this on relaxer day. This is not a permanent hair color so it will wash out with each shampoo. I love for my hair to be very dark so I did choose the color black. in this video I show you from the very beginning to the end what I do exactly to my hair when I am using a semi-permanent hair color rinse. I also add conditioner on top of the rinse so that I can get a good deep conditioning treatment in at the same time while I'm waiting for the semi-permanent to process. I really liked the way this rinse made my hair feel. It felt strong and soft at the same time, not stripped like most of the other hair rinses make my hair feel. I did notice that when I shampoo my hair the next week, about 50% of the rinse came out but I believe that is because I have high porosity hair. all in all this is my new favorite and I will continue to buy this. I could not find the exact picture on amazon so I believe they have repackaged this item. Ion Semi-Permanent Hair Color-3oz (Black) 💕Connect with me!💕 👉Instagram: 👉Twitter: 👉Snapchat: SW33TSPARKL3 👉Fitbit: SW33TSPARKL3@GMAIL.COM 👉Myfitnesspal: SW33TSPARKL3@GMAIL.COM Business Inquiries? Subscriber with personal questions? Email me here: Wanna send me letters or gift packages? Send them here: PO Box 2466 CHATTANOOGA TN 37409 Why Do You Relax Your Hair Every Month? My Weekly Hair Regimen [Detailed Blow Dry & Flat Iron]