How Can You Track Qr Code Scans Via Gps? - Tutorial: Create Preferences In Quick Response Generator

Published on Oct. 14, 2011
Channel: Qrpath
Source: Youtube

Get a FREE QR Code! This tutorial will show you how you can add preferences to your QR Code or Microsoft Tag, including GPS Tracking, URL Shortening, Vanity URLs. PLus you can even track links from Facebook, Twitter, Email Campaigns, SMS Marketing and more! How can you track your QR Codes? Do you know who is scanning them? Do you know where the people scanning your codes are located? If not then you need to check out the QR Path tracking system for Quick Response Codes and Microsoft Tags. If you're ready to created stunning QR Codes and Microsoft Tags then QR Path is the right software for you to choose. With the variety of QR Code Generators and online Tracking that is just like Google Analytics! Did you know? - QR Codes are also called 2D Barcodes because they scan in more than one direction making them two dimensional. Learn More About QR Codes Here: How do you create a QR Code? It's easy with QR Path's online QR Code dashboard. Organize your QR Codes and MS Tags (Microsoft Tags) with ease and even create Mobile Web Pages and complete Mobile Websites with the click of a mouse! No other online technology comes close to offering the Quick Response Code programming you need to have a successful QR Code Campaign. Works well with Android Apps, iPhone Apps, Blackberry Apps and even iPad, Galaxy, and Amazon Tablets! Track your QR Codes and Microsoft Tags today with QR Path