Houston Tx~Birth Of Americas Largest Freeway (I-10 Katy Freeway)~

Published on June 25, 2011
Category: Travel & Events
Source: Youtube

Houston FreewayZ Presents Katy Freeway-Birth of the Largest Freeway In Stages-East Bound Edition). This video is a History Timeline of the Intersterstate 10 Katy Freeway, which was developed in 1962 in the inner loop of I-610. By the mid 1960's the Katy Freeway was extended toward Katy Tx. In the early 80's Beltway 8 was built, everything ran smoothly until late 80's to 90's heavy congesstion began, reaching up to 280,000 vehicles per day by year 2000. Houston Tx was expanding west toward Katy Tx, neighboorhoods and businesses were sprawling, the mini 6 mainlane freeway was congested 7 days a week, the pavement was deteriorating at a constant rate, all past Beltway 8 was blacktop with the deteriorated concrete underneith (Shown on Video). Katy Freeway's Speed Limit was 60 but, was never achieved because of the high volume of traffic, except past Katy Tx. Fatalities were constant, traffic was being delayed from Houston Tx to Katy Tx for more than an Hour. During the 90's to early 2000, there was several schematics of Katy Freeway expanding but, businesses and neighborhoods vote against the schematics. Finally after intense negociations, public hearings and townhall meetings-in 2000 TXDOT came in with a Final schematic that worked for the public along the I-10 Katy Freeway Corridor. By 2002 the Railroad paralleling the I-10 Freeway was removed, in 2004 the schematic had a neighborhood to be demolished including businesses on the Northside of Katy Freeway. In 2005 High Voltage Towers were put under ground, and right-of-way went south of a Cemetary (not Shown), a Iqloo factory on the Northside of Beltway 8 had to be demolished due to the flyover ramps would be where the factory existed. That means the I-610 and Beltway 8 Interchange would not line up with the New Reconstructed Freeway so, both would have to be demolished and rebuilt to suit the New Katy Freeway. November 28, 2008 was dedicated which labeled Katy Freeway (10 Consistant Main Lanes-6 Feeder lanes and about 4 exchange lanes/ Toll (Toll in the Center of Freeway 4 Lanes) as the widest Consistant Freeway in the Country 24-Lanes-USA! Enjoy =]