Hot Breakfast! : An Idiot For Christmas

Published on Dec. 1, 2013
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

Hot Breakfast! is Delaware's premier acoustic dork-rock power duo! (Need captions? Press the CC button and choose "English Lyrics.") Hot Breakfast! is Jill Knapp on vocals, and Matt Casarino on ALL THE (other) THINGS. Directed by Kevin Regan! Shot from February 2013 - November, 2013 in: Wilmington DE, Rehoboth Beach DE, West Chester PA, Media PA, Christiana Mall (Christiana, DE), and Arden DE. Here, have some lyrics! AN IDIOT FOR CHRISTMAS (Written by Matt Casarino. (c) 2012 Suburban Legends Music, ASCAP.) All the leaves are nice and green The air conditioner's cool And hear the sound of happy children Playing in the pool It's 92 degrees outside But don't you get me wrong Cause even though it's summertime This is still a Christmas song... Cause I'm not gonna be an idiot this Christmas This year I'll start buying gifts real soon You think I'm over-dramatic, but I'm avoiding panic I won't be shopping in the snow, I'll be kickin' it off in June I'm making up a list down on the boardwalk And stopping at the outlets on the way I'm not gonna be an idiot this Christmas-time I'll have my shopping done by Labor Day! So okay, I bought no one gifts this summer Shopping in the heat is hard to do Besides, who can think of Santa, when you're still chugging Mylanta Cause you ate too many chili dogs at Uncle Henry's Barbeque I still have lots of time to look for bargains I'll buy the finest gifts you've ever seen I'm not gonna be an idiot this Christmas-time I'll have my shopping done by Halloween! Now December's almost gone The time just disappeared And it's too late for Amazon To get a package here So I'm scraping off the windshield Wrap a scarf around my ears Cause it turns out I'm an idiot this Christmas I never did that shopping after all It turns out I'm an idiot this Christmas-time... I'm spending Christmas Eve... at Christiana Mall! ==================================== Have you read this far? Download the song for free at this link: