Horse Meets New Pasture Mate~Zeus & Pancho Libre

Published on May 18, 2016

After losing Festus to illness, I knew Zeus needed a new horse buddy as soon as possible. Less than 48 hours after Festus' passing, I had a new horse in the pasture. Pancho Libre is a gelding. 7-8 years old, and is what they call a strawberry roan. Quick video showing Zeus and Pancho Libre (Pancho) meeting for the first time. Lot of great normal horse behavior. Zeus is showing dominance, pushing, prancing, bowing and flashing. He's not being mean. He's establishing himself as the leader. I brought Pancho in and turned him loose in an OPEN pasture where he and Zeus both had room to find release, and I LET THEM WORK IT OUT. Although Zeus pushed, and ran Pancho around, there was no biting, kicking, rearing, etc. It was all about moving the feet or keeping them from moving. Within 10 minutes, they had settled in and were grazing together.