Horse Language Explained The Way I See It

Published on June 3, 2014
Channel: About Horses
Category: Pets & Animals
Source: Youtube

Modern people are more interested in the Horse for who he is and not only in what the Horse can do for us. My goals is to explain about Horses, about how they 'speak' as non-humans. People focus on body language, but lets look at our society, are we as humans honest or do we learn from the beginning to NOT say the truth but some kind of sugar coated language. Like saying "Hi, how nice to see you", but in reality we don't mean a f..k of that. Thats the difference in between culture (humans world) and nature (non humans world). Still we actually also come from nature, thats why we feel so at home outside and we can speak the truth. It only takes some practice. If you want to understand a Horse, or whatever non-human specie all you have to do is step away from human language, and use your senses again. When we learn to come back in this foundation then we can start with training, then the Horse will be able to read us, and knows that we are just as honest as he/she is. Its not hard, and at the end it will feel so much better.