Horoscope September 2013 Virgo Libra

Published on Sept. 2, 2013

In order to book a personal session, please contact Patrice at: patricekaminsastrology (at) gmail.com Patrice Kamins Blog: http://www.patricekamins.blogspot.com VIRGO For all the self-criticism and not readiness, you possess a very powerful level of communication skill. Now is the time to commit to speaking your truth loudly and clearly, knowing that depth rather than superficiality is extremely attractive. At the same time, you are magnetizing a strong wave of creativity and/or sexual merging. You have a myriad of skills and they can be expressed gracefully and with ease. Let go of nebulous ideas of relationship and note who is in front of you. They have the capacity to change your inner and your outer life if you will just open your heart. Do it! LIBRA As much as you consider others, you realize you must depend on yourself first. Right now, commit to your prodigious skills and understanding of the cycles of manifestation. You have it in you to master money on a very high level. Additionally, you've been tearing down the inner resistance to change and have given guilt and shame a run for their money. Externally you look beautiful right now, internally you are fierce. When it comes to work, think big picture now rather than focusing on worrisome details and uncertainties. Stand in your elegant power and drawn the best of money and talent that is yours for the taking.