Holy Yoga For When You'Re A Hot Mess: Week 2: Foundation Building Yoga Practice

Published on Feb. 17, 2016

This 30 minute gentle flow is filled with poses that will deepen your foundation in your practice and your faith. It's a gentle practice that will challenge you to look beyond the external and dig deep into the foundation of your life, your faith, your dreams, and your yoga. This is Part 2 (of 6!) of the Holy Yoga for When You're a Hot Mess series. If you want to dive deeper into the Scriptures and prompts woven throughout, head to http://carolinewilliamsyoga.com/hot-mess-2/ And if you're brand new to yoga, make sure to pick up your free Beginners Guide to Jesus + Yoga and a 20 minute beginners video not on YouTube at http://carolinewilliamsyoga.com Here's a playlist just for this practice: https://open.spotify.com/user/1260358112/playlist/5MokWg0XSEt8pEZPJtqYjL On Instagram? I'd love to connect! Find me @carolinewyoga http://instagram.com/carolinewyoga