Hit Stick Football - All Vines Compilation 2017 Updated

Published on Aug. 5, 2017
Channel: Maxium Vines
Category: Comedy
Source: Youtube

We started Vine with this as our first post, so we decided that's how we'll end it. Goodbye, Vine. ❤️ #HitStick If you see this post GO FOLLOW our Twitter and Instagram! ➡️➡️@HitStickTV⬅️⬅️ We post on there every day now :) #RIPVine VINE IS SHUTTING DOWN TOMORROW! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter!! ➡️@HitStickTV⬅️ Julio Jones catches a deep ball with one hand while playing with a broken foot! Atlanta Falcons #Falcons What. A. Tackle. 👀 #HitStick Vine is done, but we aren't! We will be continuing football posts on Twitter and Instagram at @HitStickTV. Thank you Vine! #RIPVine Bud Dupree with a HUGE hit! #Steelers Falcons SS Keanu Neal hit Saints WR Willie Snead IV so hard his ramen noodle hair almost fell off! LSU got themselves a beast in Derrius Guice! #LSU Slam? Teabag? Nut-punch? College football is weird sometimes 😂 #TAMUvsKSU Baylor WR KD Cannon is out here MOSSING fools. HOW DO YOU GET FLATTENED BY A PUNTER? #Cowboys Hit the QB so hard he did a backward somersault. 😯 #HitStick RB Devontafreeman went savage mode on the Saints. 👊🏽 (Song: Park - rashad) "Don't reach young blood." -Tyrod Taylor Pro Bowl WR Antonio Brown makes one handed catches off the Jugs machine look easy. 😂 WHEN YOU REALIZE WE'LL HAVE FOOTBALL FOR THE NEXT 182 DAYS, STARTING TONIGHT! 🏈🙌🏼 1-handed catch then savage mode. 😤 Follow us on Instagram and Twitter ➡️@HitStickTV⬅️ Giants WR WorldsVinest is just enjoying life. Can't knock the hustle! If at first you don't succeed... 😮 HUGE hit by cornerback Mar Mar! 👊🏾😤😈 Vikings WR Stefon Diggs with a nice catch 😯 #NFLTrainingCamp New Ezekiel Elliott highlight video on our Instagram/Twitter: @HitStickTV at 7PM EST TODAY! Here's an early snippet for the Vine family! 😁 Dez Bryant at Dallas Cowboys practice yesterday. 🤔#NFLTrainingCamp Julio Jones with an incredible catch! 🙌🏼 We've been posting on Instagram and Twitter @HitStickTV! Follow us there for the full video! 😄 CAM NEWTON PUT THE TEAM ON HIS BACK! Q Dot MarkusWheaton somehow holds onto the ball...😳👀 Rare footage of Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones at the age of 10. 😂 Legend says William Gay is still celebrating to this day #Pick6 WARNING: Don't go over the middle near Calvin Pryor 😤💪🏾 😪 Eric Ebron gets flipped 🔃 Nate Gerry ejected after BRUTAL hit😲 Denied. #HitStick High School football player with the NASTY spin move🔄 and footwork👟 FSU Cornerback warming up. ⏫ Savage. OBJ 🔥🔥🔥 WorldsVinest Ted Ginn Jr is tooooo fast.👀🔥 VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED: Mike Mitchell terminates Marvin jones 👀 This is the most disrespectful stiff arm in the history of stiff arms🙊 Did he just point at him to come get that work or am I trippin?!😲 BRUH.🔥 Odell Beckham can FLY!😳 BEAST MODE ACTIVATED.🔋 TOUCHDOWN! Just like they practiced it 🏈😉 Big hit sent in by a fan! #HitStick Leonard Fournette. That is all. He's a magician! 💎💎💎 When the ref makes a bad call...👊🏽 #HitStick Jordan Reed gets DEMOLISHED!😳 When yo phone at 1% and ur trying to get to ur charger🔋 NFL FOOTBALL IS BACK! WHO WILL END UP ON TOP? When one hurdle just isn't enough. 🔥🔥🔥 Braxton Miller with one of the filthiest spin moves you'll ever see! #HitStick #Loop #OSU When ur homie got yo back💯 FOOTBALL IS BACK, AND SO IS HIT STICK. Get hype for AT LEAST one post EVERY DAY for the next MONTH. #HitStickNation S-I-T DOWN!👇 ➡️Keyshawn B ⬅️ "Family that prays together, stays together." Live from Raiders Training Camp. #GetMossed #HitStick Rope swing backflip catch while upside down! 😱#HitStick #TheOffseason WE MISS FOOTBALL 🏈 #HitStick Juked. 👀 #HitStick #WRU CRAZY BACKFLIP CATCH OFF A ROOF! 🙌🏼😱 #HitStick Lake Days ☺️☀️🚣🏻🎣 #HitStick My boy John Hurst with the sick catch!!👌 THE MOVES! THE SPEED! Front row to a really nice touchdown run🙌🏼 #HitStick #Football Eric berry's hit sends receiver in a 360 spin!! 🔄 "SIDEWAYS" by KB_HGA (ft. Lecrae) # 10 making some HUGE blocks! Rodger Goodell fined me for making this vine😅 #HitStick You can't tackle Carlos Hyde. Better catch than OBJ? Let us know what you think in the comments! #HitStick #Football Can't be stopped.💪 (Ft. Mr_MTV) WHEN YOU FIND THE DUDE THATS BEEN COMMENTING "😍😍😍" ON YOUR GIRL'S INSTAGRAM PICTURES (Ft. GENASIS) Wait for it... 😧 Now THAT'S a touchdown catch! 🙌🏽 Just some fun on the practice field😏SONG: "Message" by @Shiwan12 on Soundcloud! Oh my. 🙊 YUHHHH💯 @OBJ_3 HIT THE WHIP BREAKING NEWS: Odell Beckham Jr. will be on the cover of Madden 16! Tag WorldsVinest (OBJ's Vine account) and tell him congratulations! 🎉 Hmmmm 🔥 Le'Veon Bell embarrasses Michael Griffin! (#33) 🔥🔥 Tom Brady suspended 4 games for #DeflateGate! Patriots were also fined $1,000,000 and lose 2 draft picks! Did the NFL get it right? TEAMWORK.🙌 THIS LEFT TACKLE ISN'T MESSING AROUND. #HITSTICK