Hairdressing Tutorial - Reflective Ombre - Preview 227

Published on Oct. 24, 2012
Channel: Mhd
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

Watch the full video: Andrea Bennett's salon creative tutorial is a technical ombre colour application. The sectioning begins with two curved sections 1cm from the centre front hairline towards the parietal ridge and then down under the temple to the front hairline. Then create two oblongs on a diagonal from the crown to the centre of the curved section on both sides. This leaves a top section. The base colour is a depth of a level 4 and a brushed copper tone with 3% oxidant 10 volume, applied to the perimeter root area then working up the head. The colour is then applied to the mid-lengths and ends and foil is added. The process is repeated on the other side, then again on the lower front area. The ombre technique is then applied on the right-hand side oblong using three colours - a depth of a level 5 with a light brown/warm beige tone and 6% oxidant, 20 volume, a depth of a level 9 with a pale yellow gold tone and 6% oxidant 20 volume and a high lift tint depth of a level 12 with a soft ash tone. Apply the level 5 to the roots and alternate the level 9 and the level 12 through the mid-lengths and ends throughout the sections. In the final top area, apply a level 6 with a cool beige tone with 3% oxidant 10 volume to the perimeter roots then the mid-lengths and ends. The final result is a super salon friendly colour, a synthesis of melded tones from dark to light complimenting the organic form and fluid lines of the haircut. Model Patti // Hair Colour Depth of level 3 // Hair Type Oriental medium density, straight texture Technical Skills Barrier Cream | Bleaching / Lightener | Block Angled Sectioning | Block Colour | Colour Placement Sectioning | Finger Position | Foil Patterns | Foil Placement | Foil Sectioning | Mid-length to Ends Application | Permanent Colour | Pre-lightening | Product Choice | Restoring Depth and Tone | Roots / Regrowth to Ends Application | Roots / Regrowth Only | Roots / Regrowth Permanent Colour | Roots / Regrowth to Mid-length Application | Sectioning | Skin test | Slice Technique | Tension Contributor Andrea Bennett // Make-Up Artist Clayre Sodeau // Photographer Jamie Harrison FREE Weekly hairdressing training newsletter Join us on Facebook Join us on Twitter gratefully thanks the following companies for their support and co-operation: Barbicide: Skin tests: Towels and gowns: Electrical products: Brushes: / Make-up: Salon furniture: Training Heads: