Hair Loss And The Hormones That Cause It.

Published on Sept. 8, 2015
Category: Education
Source: Youtube Of all the symptoms that woman can experience there is nothing quite as bad as hair loss.   So in today’s video I want to share a couple of things that need to be considered when it comes to the cause of hair loss.   #1 is Whats causing your Hair loss. There are 5 reasons woman lose their hair we are going to review those with you. #2 I want to specifically talk about the Hormone DHT and its implication in Hair loss and finally I want to share with you some of The symptoms one might expect to experience if they had High DHT levels- symptoms other than hair loss. These might be early warning signs that if you ignore them, down the road you might be losing your hair.   SO My Top 5 causes of hair loss boil down to problems with #1 Poorly functioning Liver and Gut (GI system) #2High Stress levels or prolonged bouts of stress. Stress can throw a huge hormonal wrench into your hormone pathways. #3 An unhealthy diet- Let face it, diet affects everything and if your diet is not spot on, this is going to affects microcirculation of nutrient delivery to the scalp, its going to affect hormones. #4 Hormones (Sex Hormones and Thyroid hormones). I have done a video specifically on Thyroid and Hair loss and so if you are interested in this you can go back and watch that video- But let me say real quickly if this is your first video that you are watching, If you are experiencing weight gain, brain fog, heart palpitations, depression, anxiety, Fatigue, don’t settle for just a thyroid screening which your doctor may have already run and told you everything is normal- Get a full thyroid panel done, If you go to my website, you can see the markers that you need to have done and well as where you want your levels to fall. So that’s enough on the thyroid- For more information visit