Hair Cut - Time For A Change (Karlie Kloss Inspired) // Chronic Illness Diaries #5

Published on Oct. 17, 2015
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

Chronic Illness Diaries #5: I took you with me on my most recent haircut. I asked for my hair to all be one length and i took in photos of Karlie Kloss & Felicity Jones as inspiration. My beautiful Hairdresser - Joanne Loughlin Facebook - The chronic illness diaries is a video diary series i'll be keeping, they're mostly focused on my health and the life of having a chronic illness. I hope these videos are informative, we all have different levels of health and pain so please be kind in the comments. Don't judge. Please feel free to ask me questions in the comments section, i'll do my best to answer them. Much Love, Beth xxx My Links: Instagram: Blog: Etsy: Twitter: @bethirishart