Hair Coloring Video Tutorial - How To Color Hair Like A Star

Published on July 9, 2009
Channel: Grant Sharp
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

More hair coloring video tutorials - This is a simple yet professional hair coloring technique on how to color hair to achieve the star pattern look. Everyday, Useable and Versatile how to color hair tutorial. It separates the hair into a Star Coloring Pattern, on top of the head, and gives your clients a professional hair color finish everytime. Who can wear this pattern? High School Girl's first highlights, A blond who wants to go back and go darker. This coloring technique is about sectioning up the hair on top of the head in a star shape. Twist and clip so that it sits on top of the head. Get this section completely out of the way. It's called a star pattern and any hairstylist can apply this to their clients hair and make them look fabulous every time. In today's day and age, changing your hair color is as easy as changing your clothes. Whether you need to hide grey, brighten blonde or want a totally different, bold, new look, there's a product out there for you. For much less time and money than a trip to the salon, you can easily color your hair in the convenience of your own home. Source: For MORE FREE videos hair color, coloring and more professional hair styling techniques, SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter and get access to the whole FREE series HERE: how to color hair "how to color hair" (how to color hair) how to colour hair "how to colour hair" (how to colour hair) professional hair color "professional hair color" (professional hair color) hair coloring techniques "hair coloring techniques" (hair coloring techniques) star pattern "star pattern" (star pattern) hair color technique "hair color technique" (hair color technique) hair colour "hair colour" (hair colour) hair color "hair color" (hair color) thescissorboy "thescissorboy" (thescissorboy) scissorboy "scissorboy" (scissorboy)