Hacked Phone - Arduino Gsm Auto Dialler + Free Schematic And Code

Published on Nov. 3, 2013

This is the Newer Version of the GSM Auto Dialler. Now uses an Arduino UNO R3 instead of multiple IC's. Having a GSM Auto Dialler in your car or home could reduce the cost of your car/ home insurance depending on where you live and the insurance broker that you use. *Some insurance companies will not accept homemade Equipment* My first Arduino Only Arrived yesterday, This is the first project i have attempted using the Arduino, I have no prior Programming experience. The code may still work if you remove the "break" statement at the end, but i haven't tried. This version is Much much easier to integrate into an existing Home or Car Alarm. For a car Alarm, simply power the circuit from the battery and wire the "Trigger Input" to the alarm output. For a house alarm, Wire the Arduino power from the 12V backup batteries inside the panel, then connect the "Trigger Input" wire to the Alarm output, Or siren (+) if no output is available. Total cost of this project: Phone: £5.00 Arduino: £6.50 Transistors + LED's and Resistors: £2.00 Total = £13.50 A pre-made GSM auto will cost in the region of £60-£90. A great saving and a simply D.I.Y. job. This phone is not compatible with 3G and 4G only Phones as it uses the older networking system. For 3G/ 4G compatibility, a newer phone must be used. Thanks For Watching