Gulf Crisis And 2022 World Cup | The Football Gal

Published on June 14, 2017
Category: Sports
Source: Youtube

A brief explanation of the ongoing Gulf crisis between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain as well as some other countries. Also discussing FIFA'S and Gianni Infantino's statement regarding the geopolitical issue and how it's still a bad idea to have the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.. /// WATCH MORE VIDEOS: THE EPL IS OVERRATED | The Football Gal FOOTBALL CAFE | THIS IS WHY THE BUNDESLIGA IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD | The Football Gal FOOTBALL CAFE | TALKING LIVERPOOL AND THE KOP | The Football Gal: USING FOOTBALL TO FEEL BETTER ABOUT FOOTBALL | The Football Gal: FOOTBALL CAFE | LET'S TALK ABOUT LEICESTER | The Football Gal: FOOTBALL CAFE | CHAMPIONS LEAGUE IS BACK! | The Football Gal: FOOTBALLERS THAT PUT THE 'BEAUTIFUL' IN THE BEAUTIFUL GAME | The Football Gal: FOOTBALL CAFE | TITLE RACE IN EUROPE'S TOP LEAGUES | The Football Gal: DO YOU KNOW THE OFFSIDE RULE?: /// Music: /// Thank you so much for watching, liking, subscribing or sharing. It means the world to me. Love, D. /// Stalk me: Twitter: Instagram: Blog: