Guided Meditation - Twelve Keys To Weight Balance

Published on Aug. 3, 2016
Channel: Ascend-Now
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

There are many hormones that regulate our weight and stress levels. There are so many combinations that are produced by our bodies I could not even list them. In this Quickshift video we address 10 of the most common hormones, bringing them all into balance and healing the damage any imbalances have done to your body. We also address adrenal stress and overload. Listen to this video next for an even deeper weight loss healing. This is gentle enough to listen to daily. I wish you all a happy healing! KristyLea QuickShifts are short energetic bursts of healing energy that target and shift into health specific issues. For healing of more complex issues, please schedule an appointment with KristyLea, Master Guider and Founder of Ascend-Now at this link. Please keep in mind it helps to be expanded mentally before beginning any energy work. You may watch our Universal Meditation QuickShift before viewing any of our healings to help you get into an expanded state. See this video here: You may also be interested in Ascend-Now’s online classes on various topics such as addiction, reversing age, connecting with nature and God. These classes meet once a week through GoToMeeting or you can call join via phone. They are a deeper commitment to change with permanent results. See testimonials from clients on our website here and visit our courses page to see current classes available. Subscribe to our channel! New guided meditation videos for healing are posted each week! Who Is KristyLea? KristyLea Neville of Lincolnton, NC has been blessed with the ability to see into the etheric energy (life spirit) of the universe and human body and because of this gift, she can see the misalignment and entanglements that cause physical and emotional disease and sickness in the body and mind. She lives by the scripture “Ask and ye shall receive” and humbly walks as a witness to the grace of Creator’s God’s willingness to heal and change whatever we bring before Him that is not a part of our Divine Nature, serving our highest self. Sometimes this change is immediate. Sometimes this change takes years. These videos are a compilation of energies that shift easily when asked and can be used repeatedly for a more permanent effect. For deep rooted sickness such as debilitating illness, addiction, obsessive disorders, etc. KristyLea offers one on one healing sessions and group classes. KristyLea invites you to join her on a conscious path of ascension to the higher, Divine self!