Gross !! Eu Experts Agree To Relax Fukushima-Made Rice Restrictions

Published on Oct. 6, 2017

Ask yourself is the thumb nail picture of reactor 3 destroyed ?? If you agree it is destroyed ask yourself why can,t the EU see that and admit that also ? Because your entire future depends on it . Once again they refuse to tell people who the expert is shows how much contempt and hatred the media and EU have for all life . Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown 6 years Later Beaches Empty Except For Sand & Rocks Breaking NEWS !! Betrayal The dictators appointed by the EU aka European Union says the country's where the non elected boozoos are the dictators aka EU Will Not Check For Radiation in Food from Japan . The nuke industry says the rocks are species because 7200 species are missing , Is this the death of the pacific ocean nobody asks only a lone voice after documenting the Canadian coast in a small boat cost 6 gag orders and big fat smear machine character assassinates him . Hmm everything on earth is dependent upon the pacific ocean to produce 50 per cent of Oxygen the planet oh and human population to say the least needs to survive . The Pacific Ocean tiniest creatures the phytoplankton also happens to be the biggish carbon sequester on earth , and nothing less than the very basic of the food chain is missing and not coming back thanks to nuclear aka Fukushima . Thanks to the well oiled nuke apologist industry habit of inbreeding we got Fukushima nuclear fallout destroying the immediate and foreseeable future is humiliating as a apex species in any horror movie and this is playing out like a real bad horror mystery where the villain has a banana in one hand and a fuel rod in the other saying I can,t tell the difference can you tell the difference . How could a single industry b allowed to put everyone in harms way is unmentionable incompetents as a species . We allowed a bunch of willing idiots breed with each other so much we have nuclear waste threatening the entire ecosystem with no technology to stop it and no nuclear institution that is not a willing part of the cover up . Its so normal for 74 years how the snobbish parading as professors or media personality's and govt authority figures willingly sell their souls . They all bray like tires old mules that man made radiation is like a banana a potato chip walking in sunshine sleeping next to someone etc etc etc for 74 years . Everyone in every media in every university and in every govt office is working full time to kill the entire planet using those same lies in every language in every country stupid enough to let the inbreed nuke industry get a toe hold wrecked their country with man made isotopes like a invisible disease consuming life everywhere endlessly sucking the life out of first water then earth itself . .All while we have to listen to the screeching of the apologist its no more harmful than if you fly across the country or scientist say its like eating a banana or walking in sunshine . Save me to bookmark the subscription doesn,t always work !! Your donation will help us sustain this most resource-intensive form of journalism, ensuring that the most complex and important stories still get told. paypal or use credit card at my site See study's on marine life on Canada pre fukushima - B.C. CANADA Marine and Animal Studies Toxicity of inhaled plutonium dioxide in beagle dogs Miami New Times - State Senator Says FPL Isn't Preparing Miami's Nuclear Plant for Sea-Level Rise - Jerry Iannelli Tracy Press, Tracy, CA - Consensus on Site 300 contamination - Michael Ellis Langley In These Times - Warnings from First Americans: Insidious Changes Are Underway that Will Affect Us All - Stephanie Woodard Washington Post - Bipartisan group of lawmakers seeks to impose new curb on U.S. government spy power - Ellen Nakashima Washington Post - Notes from closed meeting show how Interior aims to weaken environmental laws - Darryl Fears Washington Post - Interior Department whistleblower resigns, calling Ryan Zinke's leadership a failure - Darryl Fears Oak Ridger - Rosenthal: Selecting, assisting a new ORNL director - D. Ray Smith and Carolyn Kraus EurekAlert - Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, October 2017 - DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory Las Cruces Sun-News - Cold War, nuclear testing subject of artist lecture through University Art Gallery at NMSU - Minerva Baumann KOMO Seattle - 650 truckloads of grout to fill collapsed radioactive tunnel at Hanford - Nicholas K. Geranios Centrica (UK), EDF, Engie (France), E ON, and RWE (Germany) Nuclear Expert Dana Durnford , Braidwood, Dresden , LaSalle County Stations , Exelon Generation , Mark Pearcy WIPP , Nuclear Waste Partnership