Grootbos | Cape Floral Kingdom - Flowers Of South Africa

Published on May 29, 2013

SEE RATES: WEBSITE: Reserve and Flora Grootbos Private Nature Reserve is 2500 hectares in size and is an exquisite destination 'off the beaten track'. Guests can pamper themselves in the five-star lodge while always having the opportunity to appreciate the serenity of the natural landscape that the lodge is embedded in. Grootbos began in 1991 as a small private farm of 123 hectares that had alien vegetation and animals grazing. With a relentless ardour for the natural environment Grootbos was transformed into a 2500 hectare reserve that is a pioneer in conservation of the natural bio-diversity. This area has blossomed into a thriving natural utopia that has pockets of rare Afromontane and Milkwood forests with rolling valleys awash with fynbos that has 765 different plant species on Grootbos. Through a comprehensive vegetation survey (one of the few thorough documentations ever conducted on fynbos) Grootbos discovered this astounding diversity and found six plants completely new to science. The Erica Irregularis is the most famous on Grootbos because when winter begins the valleys are overflowing with the pastel pinks and purples of the swaying bulbs of the Ericas. Of the 9250 species in the Cape Floristic Region 70% cannot be found anywhere else in the world and seven species cannot be found outside the walls of Grootbos. The wonder of this natural haven does not stop at the fynbos however. The sweet nectar of the fynbos wildflowers attracts almost 120 different species of birds and 30% of these are endemic to Southern Africa. The Milkwood forest is full of intrigue and ancient tales as the gnarled branches can continue to grow for up to 1000 years. This ancient forest is incredibly rare and four of these Milkwood forests are protected on Grootbos. Grootbos is a luxury five-star eco-lodge, but for all the fine dining, immaculate suites and interior comforts the nature is the primary wonder that is the beating heart of Grootbos. Discover this incredible, untamed area of the Western Cape atop a horse, by foot or on a 4x4 flower safari. With Grootbos the adventure never ends.