Google Earth Apocalypses: World Enders & Life Killers Map. 2 Earth Monsters Destroy Solar System

Published on Feb. 7, 2017
Channel: Tuyet Tinh Ca
Source: Youtube

Our Earth is beautiful. Yet there are several world enders hiding on Google Earth Map. Two are so horrible they can destroy not only our planet but the entire Solar System. Some world enders are mother nature made like Vesuvius Volcano that one day can bury most of the Europe. Others world enders are man made like these burning Iraqi oil towers polluting the entire Middle East True Beacon Of Darkness. The Sauron tower on earth - One of the tallest man made construction - North Korean government hotel. Gate To Hell in Turkmenistan. Natural gas was burling there for decades threatening to ignite bigger gas fields blowing up the entire region The real Satan lives in this snowy forest of Russia - Mezhgorye - Home of Russian Satan SS-18 Nuclear ICBMs World destroyers US counterpart of Minuteman ICBM nuclear life enders stationed in Dakota This is where is the devil takes rest and wait - US Mountain Yucca Nuclear Storage This is the world only Satan killer - Moscow Anti ballistic missile defense This is what nuclear energy can do. Chernobyl - the city of the dead because of radiation This is what Satan & Minuteman can do - Entire pacific island destroyed & cratered by nuclear blasts Mother Nature can make much bigger craters than man - Like this Arizona asteroid crater Or this Siberian Volcanic crater that choked the life out of Dinosaurs Or this Quebec crater that caused mass extinction of life on Earth This crater in the process of making itself and destroying Iceland Some volcanic craters like lake Toba filled with water and turned into beautiful lakes waiting to cause another mass extinction Other craters filled not with water but with boiling acid like this Costa Rica lake are far deadlier even when dormant There are places where death lives - like this Tanzania lake that turns everything it touches into stone Or these Beautiful Devil Pools & Victoria Waterfalls in Zambia claimed more human and animals life than any other sight seeing attraction Or Mount Fuji Infamous Suicide Forest Or K-2 Himalayas Peak that let only 6 out 10 climbers return alive to tell the story Meet San Andres fault - the future killer of San Francisco Meet Mount Rainier - the future killer of Seattle And now meet Yellowstone - the future killer of all North America. As you can see the strange things happen there already Yet, humans can rival mother nature in destruction capabilities. Observe endless oilfields of South America where once jungle were roaming with animals. Humans don't need nukes or sophisticated technology to cause extinctions. This is Babiy Year in Kiev, where Nazis shot over 100,000 people in one single spot. Yet, in rare cause human can terraform Earth for better using the substance of life - water. Like this green irrigated desert in Saudi Arabia Contrary, the driest lifeless place on earth is mother nature creation - Atacama desert in Chile Welcome to heart of Sahara Desert in Algeria - the scariest place you will ever see And the hottest place on Earth is Death Valley in California On the opposite side - the coldest lifeless place on Earth - Russian Vostok Station in Antarctica However, its humans who are about to destroy planet. Welcome to Livermore Labs, California. Home of the creator of race targeted virus race selective bio-weapon. Welcome to CERN, Switzerland where scientists playing with fire trying to create black hole that hypothetically could destroy entire Solar System Welcome to Marion Island where scientists will try to experiment with time making stop and go backward messing with the entire Universe