Golden Seed, Warrior And Flying Dragon - Yang Aspect Of Yin Yoga Demonstration

Published on June 23, 2012
Channel: Chiaradina
Category: Sports
Source: Youtube

WALK YOUR TALK is back .. I am currently getting also into the Yang Aspect of Yin Yoga, integrating the archetypal movements created by Suzee and Paul Grilley (as demonstrated on their Pranamaya DVD Yin Yoga) - from that, everything else will follow (for those of you who already know my WALK YOUR TALK series on Youtube, know what I mean) - this summer is going to be hot, so some more yangy YIN will help me to cool the heat whenever necessary (if this makes any sense - does it? LOL) I experimented with kirtan here, you'll notice .. in the beginning rocky road, later on more smooth sailing :) Subscribe for FREE YOGA videos and all the other goodies!!