Gisala Hair Brush Iron Straightener

Published on Aug. 28, 2016
Channel: Jhen Ny
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

I can still remember how I excited I was with my first hair brush straightener. I used to wonder how they work and I was even skeptical about them if they can really do the job well. Honestly, some of them does but some of them are actually not just wasting your time and money but damages your hair as well. With all the hair brush that I purchased and tested, this Hair Brush Iron from Gisala is by far the best one! And here are some of the numerous reasons why I am in-love with this Hair Brush: First, as you open the package, You know right away that it includes all the necessary accessories needed while using this hair brush. It has the cleaner brush to clean the hair brush and a really cute pink hair clamp... Also comes with it is a hair brush pouch and another thing which I think is the most important is the heat-resistant gloves that protects your hand from being in direct contact with the heat. Second, the cord swivels... This is a very genius feature! I have been constantly battling with hair irons, hair brushes and even blow dryers coz the cord tangles and I have to untangle them every now and then. Third, once you plug it and set it on your desired temperature, it heats up instantly! No need to go through the hassle of waiting forever for it to heat up! Fourth, it has an Auto Lock and Auto Shut Off feature. You don't have to worry even if you accidentally press the buttons, they wont be changed... and very safe coz even if you forgot to turn it off, it will shut off by itself after 30minutes. Fifth, it's made of ceramic material which makes it safe to use for both dry and damp hair. Sixth, it has a digital display of the temperature and it can be set to either Celsius or Farenheit. It can be set up to 450° Farenheit or 230° Celsius maximum. Seventh, it comes in bright YELLOW color! Yes, it's YELLOW!!! LOL Lastly and the most important one, this doesn't hurt my scalp while brushing. It's very gentle and doesnt pull and break my hair. And leaves it a smooth and shiny finish! This is actually best for girls who are always in a rush to leave the house but don't want to leave without fixing their hair. Most girls like their hairs straightened out especially if they have wavy hair. And i know that some curly girls too like to straighten their hair every once in a while especially when they want a different look on them.... Honestly, the way it flattens our hair can't be compared to hair iron since hair iron could really press your hair really well... don't get me wrong though, this also straightens really good but you can really see some difference with the hair iron... But hair iron do damage our hair more too. Even if it gives the best result, it creates more damage too and when it comes to the work time, this hair brush saves us more time for sure. Just make sure still that even if this doesn't create as much damage as hair iron, still you have to apply heat-resistant sprays to protect your hair from the heat... Overall, this is a good product to have and I guess it's every girl's must-haves! I am fortunate to be able to do a product testing on this hair brush straightener by Gisala. I received this on a promotional discount in exchange of my honest and unbiased review but doesn't mean my review outcome has been influenced or manipulated. Everything is subjective and 100% based on my own views and perspectives...