Giddyup Cycle Kids Ride On Horse Toy - Pony Walks With Child'S Bouncing Motion

Published on July 12, 2008
Channel: Specialtytoys
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

Visit for more information. **These riding horses are no longer available** Remember how fun that rocking horse was when you were a kid? Now imagine how much more fun it would be if the horse didn't just rock, but if you were able to ride around on it. GiddyUp Cycle does just that. GiddyUp Cycle is a giant leap in the evolution of riding horses. Instead of rooting your child to one spot as on a traditional rocking horse, GiddyUp Cycle allows your child to ride wherever he wants, making him feel just like he's on a real horse. By gently bouncing up and down in the saddle, the child makes the horse's legs and head move forward and backward, propelling it forward in a galloping motion. The child then uses the handlebars to steer where he wants, and can even pull up on the reins to stop! Constructed from a sturdy steel frame, and covered in soft padding and a beautiful plush skin, our GiddyUp Cycle is a toy your child will love and which will last for years to come. As your child grows, the stirrup pedals can be easily adjusted to fit his height (no tools necessary). The steel frame is capable of supporting over 200 pounds, so the only limitation on rider size is height. The seat is 20" from the ground, and the pedals are adjustable down to a 15" leg length.