Gender Roles-Interviews With Kids

Published on Jan. 20, 2011
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

A great example of children before they've grown into adults and have been completely socially engineered and manipulated, generation by generation. You will find these same answers amongst tribes people world wide, with but very very few exceptions. This should say something. Ironically, there is a myth sweeping the nation that parents and teachers are engineering the kids to think and respond in this manner, as if the kids are held at gun point and told,"you will act like a boy, you will act like a girl.". Though if you will look around, the Tell-lie-vision is crammed full of homo and unisexual propaganda every day, and such concepts are now being taught in schools as the social norm, so where exactly is the agenda that is trying to scare children in the other direction? It is nowhere to be found.