Future Proof (Amazing Expession Of Energy)

Published on June 26, 2013
Channel: Isra Bavi
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

FUTURE PROOF - 2011 A/NZ PromaxBDA Opener The DMC Initiative (DMCI) developed this piece as a response to the 2011 A/NZ PromaxBDA Conference title of Future Proof. Our approach was to focus not on futuristic notions but to consider that which is timeless. People, the expression of self and the interactions between each other are timeless qualities relevant to creativity, no matter what the future holds. The concept started quite fluidly, by briefing a variety of dancers, with individual performance styles, to develop choreography based on the concepts of growth, sharing, sending and receiving. Directed by Nathan Drabsch, the performances were shot over one day using two RED Epic cameras, capturing the action at high speed. All design, editing and post production was done in-house by The DMCI team. We worked closely with composers and audio designers Mark Brandis & Jeff Black from ism studios, to create a unique score that perfectly compliments the performances. As a whole, the focus is on the dancers as they create and interact with abstract forms in a vast unknown world. Their own movements determine the creation and final destruction of these elements. Their own paths of communication and creative expression have come full circle, and all that remains is the individual. CREDITS Created by The DMC Initiative (DMCI) Creative Director / Director: Nathan Drabsch Producer: Amy Nguyen Editing, Design, 3D & Compositing: The DMCI - Brecon Littleford, Bernard Tan, Nathan Drabsch AUDIO Composition & Sound Design: Mark Brandis and Jeff Black @ ism studios Contact: Mark Brandis info@ismstudios.com.au CREW Director: Nathan Drabsch DOP: Simon Chapman Camera Operators: Aaron Haberfield & Glen Cogan (Enigma) Producer: Amy Nguyen Talent Co-Ordinator: Briony Luschwitz (Motion Picture Company) Gaffa/Lighting: Steve Scholfield Best Boy: Andrew Ward Hair Stylist: Elizabeth Vo Make Up Artist: Angela Vien-Debetaz Cameras supplied by Lemac and Enigma DANCERS Sarah Seville Natasha Marconi William Sanchez Christopher Van Doren Amy Campbell Charles Bartley Thi Nguyen Contact: Belinda Mayne (Executive Producer) belinda@thedmci.com.au +61 2 9439 4111 thedmci.com.au