From Financial Advisor Bill Gunderson: Why I Like (Hd) The Home Depot

Published on Nov. 18, 2014
Category: News & Politics
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From Financial Advisor Bill Gunderson: Why I like (HD) The Home Depot Bill Gunderson is a fee-based financial advisor, wealth manager and creator of the Best Stocks Now app. He is the president of Gunderson Capital Management, with offices in downtown San Diego. He manages a portfolio of over $100 million with clients from all over the country. “Before I buy a stock I want to see three things,” Gunderson said. “Value, performance, and healthy stock chart. We follow 3900 stocks. And we only invest in a very small portion of them. That means we have a lot to choose from and we have a very high bar.” Gunderson is a frequent guest on national TV and talk radio shows, including Fox News, Fox Business, Bloomberg and others. Gunderson is a regular contributor to the Dow Jones MarketWatch, and and many other news sites. He is the recipient of journalism awards from the San Diego Press Club and the Society of Professional Journalism. Including three for Best Columnist of the Year. Gunderson hosts a nationally syndicated radio program every morning called the Best Stocks Now radio hour. Some national TV appearances include: Megyn Kelly on Fox News -- Solyndra Fox and Friends -- U.S. Postal Service David Asman on Fox Business - Gold Standard (with Steve Forbes) Countdown to Closing Bell on Fox Business -- Low Cap and solar stocks David Asman Fox Business -- Solar stocks National and local radio appearances include more than a dozen appearances on Taking Stock with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg radio, including: Guns are Better Than Gold Solar stocks: Sell everything under the sun. President’s Job Commission Filled with Job Losers. National print appearances include: Fortune - Best Stocks Now Ap. Gunderson’s commentaries have appeared in newspapers around the country: Phoenix Business Journal: Solar’s Dirty Little Secret. Los Angeles Business Journal: Coming Clean on Green MacTech Magazine: Great Companies Lousy Stocks Press Herald: Warren Buffett No Longer America’s Great Stock Picker San Diego Union-Tribune: U.S. Postal Service Best Stocks Now Nationally Syndicated Radio Show can be found here: All times local: Chicago, AM 1530, 8 a.m, 1530 The Blaze: San Francisco, KDOW AM 122, 6 a.m. Wall Street Business Network Dallas, KVCE AM 1160, 6 a.m. The Dallas Business Authority. Seattle, KKOL AM1300, 7 a.m. Seattle Business Radio. Honolulu, AM 760 7 a.m. Honolulu Business Radio Minneapolis/St. Paul KYCR AM 1570. 7 a.m. Twin Cities Business Radio. Atlanta, WAFS AM 1190, 8 a.m. Atlanta Business Radio Tampa, WGUL AM 860, 11 a.m. Tampa Talk Radio Sarasota WLSS AM 930, 11 a.m. Sarasota Talk Radio. Find Bill Gunderson at Best Stocks Now web site. ====================== Follow Bill on Twitter: @BillGunderson ====================== For a FREE trial subscription to the Best Stocks Now Newsletter, click here: Best Stocks Now Newsletter. ====================== Best Stocks Now App. ====================== To become a client or learn more about us, Contact us vial email.