Freedom Planet: All Lilac Cutscenes

Published on Oct. 1, 2014
Channel: Xir
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

The game's opening cutscene can be found here: Carol's Cutscenes: Like the thumbnail? Here, have it: No you may not use it on your video thumbnail. ------------------------ Finally! It took long enough! I don't know why, but this time around I had sooo much trouble with exporting, it took a week's worth of constant exporting to get right. For some reason there was a clip that got distorted EVER TIME. I even tried re-recording it. The thing is though, exporting it as a stand alone the video with prior and following scense it would export fine... I ended up having to settle with exporting the video into two parts and joining them afterwards to solve my issue. ------------------- Game's Site: I own nothing. All cutscenes were 100% made by GalaxyTrail.