Fox Doc: Looking For God In Faith And Science

Published on Sept. 21, 2015
Channel: Fox5Ny
Source: Youtube

"Why?" It's a question humans have been asking for millennia. "Why are we here? Did it just happen or was there something else involved -- a higher power?" Belief in a creator is the bedrock principle for billions of people around the world. But does it make sense? Is it compatible with science in the 21st Century? Some -- including Pope Francis -- say yes, science and faith go hand in hand. Faith is not crazy, said New York based radio host and bestselling author Eric Metaxas. And he said it does not have to be at odds with scientific fact, either. "We've all kind of bought in to this false narrative that science is pitted against faith," Metaxas said. "Complete nonsense. I mean, complete, total, demonstrative nonsense." Metaxas wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal last Christmas on science and faith. It took off, becoming one of the most shared articles ever for the paper. MORE INFO :