Flusha Accusations, All His Weird Moments And All The Statements Regarding His Cheats.

Published on June 21, 2016
Channel: N8De
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

A long video regarding the accusations about Flusha. 00:00 Video start 00:05 Shox and Ryu talking about flushas moments 09:58 Richard Lewis and Thooorin talks about Flusha 25:30 Hikos interview with Esea 26:22 Moes accusations regarding Flusha 26:56 Dazed, Semphis and Hiko talks about the vac system. 30:32 Ryu talks about Flushas aimkey on Inferno againts Nip 32:37 Dreamhack Winter 2014 On the cheating scandal 45:50 The famous flusha moments 50:51 Statements from him and the influenced people who support him in his case. Thanks for watching!