Flamin' Hot Breakfast - Diy Cheetos Egg & Doritos Waffle | How To

Published on June 2, 2017
Channel: Timmy Timato
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

FLAMIN' HOT BREAKFAST - DIY Cheetos Egg & Doritos Waffle | How To this is how to make DIY flamin' cheetos hot eggs and doritos waffles! it's a hot chip breakfast y'all! lol the fried egg turned out a little weird but the dorito waffle actually tasted so good! i probably loved it because i love mashed potatoes so much! i hope you guys had fun learning how to make this diy! WATCH MY LAST VIDEO: https://youtu.be/5zVU-Sefujo FOLLOW ME! Twitter | @TimmysWell Instagram | @Timmyswell SnapChat | timmyalvarez Younow | TimmyTimato So basically what i did in this how to DIY was i started crushing my doritos, and then i mashed some potatoes and added things like sour cream and of course the doritos! i put the dorito mixture into a waffle iron and cooked it! they turned out awesome! i then crushed my flamin' hot cheetos, added them into egg yolks and microwaved it in a cup! then i fried the egg whites and added the yolk on top and that was it! this DIY wasn't my favorite but it was still so much fun to make!