Fixing Com Frequencies On Fsx/P3D!!!

Published on July 12, 2016
Channel: Otniel Ocampo
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Many wonderful software had been made to fix the ATIS problem missing at some airports. The truth is that in most cases the ATIS is there but since the COM database for the simulator is from 2006, some have changed and others have been given the wrong Frequency. Here is a "Mute" Tutorial on how to add, change, delete, COM frequencies!!! You will need a version of ADE (Airport Design Editor) that works with your simulator. I put each airport fix into its own folder to keep my personal scenery organized, but is not required to be so, the only requirement is for the Compiled .BGL file to be located into "Scenery" folder located inside another folder called for example "Airport Fixes". Alternatively you could just drop the .bgl compiled files inside the Scenery folder on the Addon Scenery folder!!! For any questions feel free to find me online and ask! or leave a comment bellow with the question!!! -- Watch live at