First Noob To Land Backflip On Ground Wins $10,000!!

Published on Aug. 13, 2019
Channel: Dangie Bros
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

Whoever can learn to do a standing backflip on the ground first wins $10,000 challenge!! We learned how to do a backflip on the ground in 2 hours!! Easy how to practice tutorial and tips to learn a backflip fast!! FOLLOW CORBIN HERE!: YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: @corbin_reinhardt Underground Survival Bunker: FOLLOW DANGIE BROS ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIAS (@TheDangieBros): Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: FOLLOW OUR PERSONAL INSTAGRAMS: Follow Chris on Instagram: (@christopherryan98) Follow Jeff on Instagram: (@jeffufahh) Follow Rob on Intagram: (@broitsrob)