First Look At Descendants 2 Photos & Plot Details

Published on Sept. 16, 2016
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More Celebrity News ►► After checking out the first picture of the Descendants 2 cast in full VK gear, you will be wishing it was 2017 already... Okay so before we dive into breaking down the first pic of the characters in their Descendants 2 costumes, here’s Disney’s official synopsis for the film: "When the pressure to be royally perfect becomes too much for Mal, she returns to her rotten roots on the Isle of the Lost where her archenemy Uma, the daughter of Ursula, has taken her spot as self-proclaimed queen of the run-down town. Uma, still resentful over not being selected by Ben to go to Auradon Prep with the other Villain Kids, stirs her pirate gang—including Captain Hook's son Harry and Gaston's son Gil—to break the barrier between the Isle of the Lost and Auradon, and unleash all the villains imprisoned on the Isle, once and for all." Oooh, talk about #DRAMA. Okay so let’s see what the Villain Kids are gonna look like this time around.. They all definitely look a little edgier and a little more mature, which is exactly what we’d expect after everything that happened in the first film. Also, I know what you’re King Ben going full villain in the sequel?! It certainly appears that way with his new threads, but luckily the film’s director cleared that one up with a little plot info, explaining QUOTE, "When Ben realizes Mal has left Auradon, he decides to go after her. Mal's friends—Carlos, Evie and Jay—decide to go with him to help, but first they have to teach him their wicked ways so he can sneak around the Isle of the Lost without being recognized." Woah, talk about some action ready to go down in Auradon! And not gonna lie, the idea of King Ben going bad sounds a little hot. Okay a lot hot. While we’re excited to watch all that unfold, we also can’t wait to see what Captain Hook’s AND Gaston’s sons are going to be like, and we’re curious to see if they bring any romantic drama to the original VKs. But, no matter what happens, if this movie is anything like the original, it’s going to be super fun, surprisingly funny, and most importantly it’s going to make us want to re-watch every single animated Disney movie ever. Sooo, basically, it’s going to be perfect. But what do you guys think? Is the Descendants sequel looking like it’ll be everything you hoped for? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments, and after that click here to watch us debate about who we think is THE dream shopping partner: Kylie or Selena, on a new episode of Debatable! Thanks so much for hanging out with me on News Feed, I’m your host Erin Robinson and I’ll see you guys next time! For More Clevver Visit: Website: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Keep up with us on Instagram: Add us to your circles on Google+: Tweet Me: