Fifa 17 Vs Pes 2017 Official Gameplay Review!

Published on Sept. 8, 2016
Channel: Keanuboss
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

What game will you be picking up? fifa 17 or pes 2017 �мCrowdScoresiOS - Android - �мSnapchat : Keanusnaps �мInstagram: �мTwitter: �мYUBL: USERNAME: KEANUBOSS Fifa 17 demo drops on the 13th of september and then the fifa 17 early access is on the 22nd of september, pes 2017 drops on the 13th so i decided to review both gameplays, unfortunately i wasnt able to get any fifa 17 ultimate team gamplay or pes 2017 my club gameplay but i will do soon, give me 2 weeks!