Fiber Gigabit Internet Installation Underground - Cable And Underground Utilities - Aftermath

Published on Dec. 24, 2016
Channel: Guesstech
Source: Youtube

Recently AT&T Gigapower Contractors came in and dug haphazardly to lay the Conduit lines for 1000Mbps Fiber Optic Internet. Unfortunately these contractors (not AT&T employees) dug in unmarked and not fully marked areas and wreaked havoc across the area. Busting Gas lines, Cutting major and minor Charter Spectrum cable Coaxial cable, even the Power companies "hot legs" of their underground power system. My internet of course was unstable after this for a while and this is where the 'fix' has taken place above ground from Amplifier to Tap plates. I also show some of the Fiber Optic work, Handholes , Conduit runs, ONU (Optical Network Units) , TV80 Mini Pedestals where the Gigabit GPON Fiber Optic Internet/Data is split from 1 to 8. I think this infrastructure is interesting and know quite a bit about it -- so now that the issues are solved I took a quick video showing just what was done and where in one part of the area.