Faze Clan Challenged By A Professional Basketball Player

Published on March 25, 2020
Channel: Faze Clan
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Friends of FaZe Episode 2: Lethal Shooter Lethal Shooter teaches the shooting, ball-handling, and scoring techniques that have made him an elite shooting coach for multiple NBA players. Lethal Shooter is teaching everything he’s learned, from perfect shooting mechanics to on-court concepts and drills. Using demonstrations and step-by-step instructions, Lethal Shooter deconstructs his moves, training regime, and mental attitude. Each lesson is designed to elevate your skills and basketball IQ. In this video, Lethal Shooter teaches: • Shooting and ball-handling mechanics • Exercises to become a better shooter, ball handler, and scorer—and common mistakes • Balance and footwork • Creating space against a defender • Building a pre-game warmup routine • Practice philosophy and discipline NEW FaZe Clan Merch: http://fazeclan.com 🔴 Watch us live: http://twitch.tv/team/faze 👻FaZe Clan on Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/discover/Faze_Clan/9594979179 💻 FaZe Clan on Twitter: http://twitter.com/FaZeClan 📲 FaZe Clan on Instagram: http://instagram.com/fazeclan 😄 FaZe Clan on Facebook: http://facebook.com/TheFaZeClan 🎮 FaZe Clan Esports Update on Twitter: http://twitter.com/FaZeUpdate FAZE APEX ● http://youtube.com/bananafone34 ● http://twitter.com/fazeapex ● http://instagram.com/apex ● Snapchat: ApexSnaps ● http://www.facebook.com/thefazeapex FAZE TEMPERRR ● http://youtube.com/iitemper ● http://twitter.com/temperrr ● http://instagram.com/temperrr FAZE BLAZE ● http://youtube.com/blazifyy ● http://twitter.com/fazeblaziken ● http://instagram.com/blazifyy LETHAL SHOOTER ● https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiFGRUKvGK_xp7jq6NO7BJQ ● https://www.instagram.com/lethalshooter/?hl=en The Energy Drink for Gamers by GFUEL 🥤 http://gfuel.com/faze 🤑 Discount code: "FAZE" The Headsets, Keyboards & Mice we use by STEELSERIES: 💻 https://steelseries.com/esports/faze-clan The Controllers we use by SCUF GAMING 🎮 http://scuf.co/faze 🤑 Discount code: "FAZE"