Errant Signal - "Keep Your Politics Out Of My Video Games"

Published on Oct. 13, 2013
Channel: Errant Signal
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

When it comes to discussing games the gamer subculture insists politics should be kept out (unless it reflects positively on the game and by extension themselves, hence the championing of Bioshock's critique of Objectivism or GTA's nebulous 'satire'). They attack political critique most boisterously in the context of reviews, but also in most other contexts as well. But is that really a fair position to take? Can we take video games in a vacuum, divorced from the developers and the greater context which created them? (Sorry about the video quality on this one. I screwed up creating the project in Premiere, finished editing it, realized that this version of Premiere has no way to correct the configuration error. A stupid mistake, but not one I seem to be able to meaningfully correct without re-editing the video which would take several days. Next video should, in theory, not look this horrible in motion.) This video summary has more asides than actual content, so I figured I'd add this sentence in an effort to make it look more substantial.