Ember911.Com - Poison Education - Child Safety Program - Always Ask First

Published on March 30, 2010
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

The mission of the Ember911™ program is to work for the continuous improvement of safety education for children in their everyday lives. Through interactive characters, animation and music our message will be easier to understand and comprehend. This will allow children to share this valuable information with family and friends, thus preventing accidents and preserving lives. Through collaborative efforts in the community our program will empower children to make positive well informed decisions regarding their personal safety. Ember911 is a program designed to teach safety strategies to all children. Often children with autism or related disorders react in a less than ideal way to emergency situations. These individuals have been known to hide, act out violently, or simply shut down. Research shows that children with autism learn best through visual representations of words. Social stories can help depict scenarios that an individual may find difficult or scary. Ember911 contains both specialized visual effects and a variety of social stories embedded into the basic safety scripts so that a child with autism can better relate to the topic at hand. ALL children should have the proper tools in knowing what to do in case of an emergency. Ember911 not only helps to educate children on safety, but also provides an entertaining means in which to learn these critical skills.