Elder Scrolls Online - Sacrament - Trader'S Cove (Monsashana/Poison/Engraved Flute)

Published on Oct. 8, 2016
Channel: Nokcturna
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Some tips on getting all challenges complete: - Always do the secondary objective first, because after you kill the target you have 2 minutes to escape before the Overseer arrives! - Try to not be seen at the beginning as you can only be seen 5 times and still get all challenges complete. I always try to use this as a means to escape, like being all stealthy at the beginning avoiding detection and then "running like hell" after killing the target, hahaha. - When you need to kill with poison, do not use the Blade of Woe*, even if you activate the poison in your weapons, it won't work. Always use your own weapons to kill the target with poison.** - When you kill with poison you will always be seen at least one time—your target will see you—so be wary when attacking the target! See if there's no one around or try to lure the target away from other people to avoid getting big bounties.** ** PS: I discovered later that now you CAN activate the poison AND kill the target with the Blade of Woe, now it works! Yay \o/ ** - If you're a nightblade like me, I recommend using the Shadowy Disguise to avoid detection. It's really helpful sometimes :)