Efflux - Music Maker For The Web/Offline Use

Published on June 11, 2016
Channel: Igorski
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

Introducing Efflux: a browser based application allowing you to compose music using the tracker convention. As Efflux also works offline it is perfect for Chromebooks or tablets when on the move. In Efflux you have eight tracks and up to eight synthesizers to compose music with. The synthesizers can be shaped to create anything from carefully tuned oscillators for wide pad sounds to dirty bass lines or percussive clicks. All synthesizer and module parameters can be automated in your patterns. Songs can be saved in your browsers storage, exported between devices, shared online with friends or recorded directly as a WAV file. Efflux is best enjoyed using Google Chrome with an attached MIDI device for note input, though it also works on tablets and phones. Efflux is completely free and can be found here : https://www.igorski.nl/efflux Additionally, it is fully open source and can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/igorski/efflux-tracker