Down Into The Depths | Scanner Sombre Part 3

Published on May 1, 2017
Channel: Variablepwn
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Scanner Sombre is the brand new game from Introversion Software, Creators of the ever-popular Prison Architect, Darwinia, Multiwinia Uplink and DEFCON. Episode 3 is another fantastic episode of Scanner Sombre, in which we go down further into the depths of the cavern. Tensions are high after Stacy Statue's appearance, but will she pop up again in this episode? Careful jumps after a quick scan, stalagmite spikes and stone pillars are throughout this episode of Scanner Sombre Part 3! Subscribe Here for more gameplay videos! ► Scanner Sombre - On Steam! ► Twitter! ► Facebook! ► Scanner Sombre by Introversion Software is their sixth game, and is truly a work of art. Explore a cavern without a flashlight. This game requires you to use the prototype scanner to create dots of light all around the area in order to "illuminate" your surroundings. With a wacky mix of radar and light, this game breathes new life into exploration games. You only see what you scan. Explore the story of a man who went adventuring into a cave looking for answers to a myth. Scanning your environment will reveal locations around you. But be wary, shadows can make you disorientated, and the depth can be tricky to gauge when everything not close to you is blue. Scanning Sombre sounds more like a sad radar. Scanner Somber Is spelt terribly, but it's still searchable. Scanning Somber may or may not be this game, depending on how you meant to spell it.