Dorothy Hamill: An Intimate Interview- Skating Life, Loves, Haircut And More!

Published on May 12, 2017
Channel: Eileen Prose
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

Dorothy Hamill is so delightful! She is now a retired American figure skater. She is the 1976 Olympic champion and 1976 World champion in ladies' singles. Dorothy wrote an autobiography entitled On and Off the Ice. She was married and divorced twice: to singer/actor Dean Paul Martin (1982–1984), and then to Kenneth Forsythe (1987–1995), with whom she had a daughter named Alexandra. Hamill married her third husband, John MacColl, in 2009. Her second autobiography A Skating Life: My Story, was published in 2007. For much of her adult life, Hamill has experienced chronic depression, which is controlled through medication and therapy. Her daughter also suffers from the condition. In 2008, Hamill announced that she was being treated for breast cancer. She is currently doing well. Hamill was a mentor to 2010 U.S. national champion Rachael Flatt. Flatt, like Hamill, trained in Colorado Springs, Colorado.