Doof Days! #42 "Everybody Scream Doof Days!!!" (Feat. Posse Scholarship Interview 1) [Re-Upload]

Published on Sept. 7, 2016
Channel: Doof
Category: Comedy
Source: Youtube

Today I picked up my lady and went to school, where I met up with Gio, Randy, and Reniel (Falcon Slayer 16th). And then of course... Johnoo. During 5th period, Joah ate Chipotle, and decided to record all of it. Then Nyquilous Dillwad went on an adventure featuring freestyle flames and an intro (of course). After 5th period, Romero appeared, and was a bird this time. Then at the end of the school day, Jada was star-strucked by the powers of the baby hand. After school Gio and I went to the Posse Scholarship Interview (Round 1) and met so many awesome people. Enjoy Music By: Kronicle, Travis Scott