Dodge Durango Gets Rear Ended (Dash Cam Footage)

Published on Sept. 2, 2016
Channel: 98Snakeeater
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

So I was driving in my shit box on my way home from the park driving on Sunrise Highway Westbound just East of Wellwood. Sitting in traffic behind a Dodge Durango, I noticed a green car in my side view mirror coming up FAST!! I knew he had nowhere to go, so I tried my best to move out of his way, but he ended up rubbing my fender before plowing into the Durango in front of me. Pulled over and checked with the driver of the green car and he was a bit shaken. Asked him his name to see if he was alert, but he stayed silent. Then I asked if he could talk and he mumbled "yeah". Checked the car for passengers but he was alone. Headed over to the Durango and they seemed ok. There was only minor damage to my XB (looks like his tire rubbed my fender), not even worth reporting, so I just took the number of the Durango owner so I could send him this video. Sorry about the hand held footage being so wonky. I didn't want to make it obvious to everyone that I was filing, so I palmed the camera on my side. Be careful out there, you just never know.....