Dnsmap Video Tutorial On Kali Linux By Hackingloops

Published on Dec. 17, 2015
Channel: Lokesh Singh
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Source: Youtube

DNSMAP Video Tutorial on Kali Linux : In this video tutorial, we will learn how to gather DNS information about all the subdomains of a web application or website using DNSMAP network mapper tool. DNSMAP is basically an sub domain mapping tool which gives all the subdomains, their corresponding IPv4 IP address and IPv6 IP address as output. Unlike other tools, where we use brute force technology to gather all sub domains we don’t have a feature to abort the brute forcing if domain uses wildcards technically you can say it producing false positives while enumerating sub domain data. So friends lets first discuss the key features of DNSMAP and what all we can gather using it. For Complete Tutorial Visit : https://www.hackingloops.com/dnsmap-video-tutorial-on-kali-linux-dns-information-gathering.html For more such tutorials visit : https://www.hackingloops.com