Dj Zoysa - Galaxy (The Everness Of Space) Act Ii

Published on Feb. 27, 2009
Channel: Wine30
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

-HQ Link- Thesecond song in my series "the everness of space". the first one was called expanse, and this one is called galaxy. I had a synth melody in mind for about a month but didn't really know how to expand upon it then one night i just looked up at the stars and somehow knew how to make the song sound beautiful and extra-terrestrial. I really, really, really hope you guys enjoy this song as much as i did making it, i loved every second of working on this song. i worked on it for about 4 hours ;) also, goodbye trancefixation!!! this is my last vid to be promoted to u, but to those members (you know who u are) whom i have always liked then i hope you keep following my music and subscribe to me ;) THANKS EVERYONE WHO WATCHES THIS VID ;DD -DJ Zoysa