Defiant Nature- Erosion

Published on July 11, 2011
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

As on their Myspace Page: Defiant Nature was a nu-metal / metal group based in Grand Rapids, MI from 2000 through 2003. In their years together, the band managed to play across the Great Lakes region for acts the likes of: Anthrax, Lamb of God, Tusk (ex-Pelican), E. Town Concrete, Still Remains, Hotwire, Depswa, Momento, Unloco, Diecast, Mad At Gravity, Spoken, Bean Bag, Thyne Eyes Bleed, Tub Ring, & Wesley Willis. The group was more unfocused anger than anything musically, however, DN managed to capture the attention of many listeners by mere virtue of the YOUNG ages of members (ranging from 16 to 20) as well as apt ability to convey their obvious "math-metal" influence. Live shows were never a lackluster event, ranging from their hilarious halloween show with Still Remains at Skelletones to their 9/11 re-enactment / cd release show in Fall of 2003 (in which the band created 8 foot cardboard replicas of the twin towers with planes sticking out of them, claimed to be a touring pro-abortion clinic rather than a band, and the venue to be ground zero rather than the club... and proceeded to destroy the twin towers upon the first note of the opening song... to which the crowd BEAT each other with the pieces). With literally no shame, fear, or sense of morality. Defiant Nature was once a towering shock of a show in many respects, and the blossoming of many established area musicians in retrospect. Before exiting permanently, Defiant Nature had built up their empire from the ground... literally learning to play instruments together... to headlining their own final show at local club, The Intersection in September of 2003. This song comes off their full-length album, "Nothing Sacred" and is Track 10