Def Con 23 - Mike Ryan And Richo Healey - Hacking Electric Skateboards

Published on Dec. 9, 2015

In the last year there's been an explosion of electric skateboards onto the market- seemingly volleyed into popularity by the Boosted Boards kickstarter. Following on from the success of their original Boosted Board exploit, the team went on to get their hands on the other popular boards on the market, and predictably broke all of them. Richo and Mike will investigate the security of several popular skateboards, including Boosted's flagship model and demonstrate several vulnerabilities that allow complete control of a an unmodified victim's skateboard, as well as other attacks on the firmware of the board and controller directly. Speaker Bios: Richo likes his ducks flat and his instruction sets reduced. By day he works at Stripe as a security engineer, by night he writes (lots of) open source code, on everything from the rust compiler to debugging aids like voltron. Twitter: @rich0H Mike Ryan is a computer jerk who gets paid to do stupid crap like this. He spends roughly 40 hours a week steamrolling through eBay's network and likes to relax at home by sniffing Bluetooth. Twitter: @mpeg4codec