Deciding On My New Multiple Sclerosis Medications - My Multiple Sclerosis Journey

Published on June 25, 2017
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Nov 2015 Had MRI in Oct. Dr doesn't feel meds are working and wants me to change We were given 4 options (I say we because Nathan is a huge part of the medications decision) now there's pill form. Super happy about this!!! Asked family Dr his opinion on two we were thinking on. Told him which more leaning toward and he agreed with me We decided on Tecfidera. Started on Tecfidera in January 2016. It's 1pill twice a day so I take at 6:30 in the morning, before leaving for work, and around 5:30 in the evening There are side effects, but to lessen most of them the nurse from the Company that makes the meds told me to take them with chocolate milk and eat a high fat diet for the first month. The only side effect I have had & still have is a HOT FLUSH WITH A RASH ON CHEST AND FACE which can happen anytime on this medication. So far all has been going good. I did have to go for tests once a month for the first 6 months now it's once every 3 months. This doesn't end as long as I am on meds. Blood & urine tests are super important because it can tell if all is OK or if you have some kind of infection. If you get an infection you need to stop the meds because there is a HIGH chance of getting a BRAIN INFECTION which could cause death if you continue on the meds. Only one case of death in the world, the person got some kind of infection and didn't listen to their Dr. When they were told to stop meds. I did read this on the internet so who knows if it is true or not! #MS #MultipleSclerosis #MSMeds #MultipleSclerosisJourney Oct 2016 Started seeing physiotherapist for right leg. Knee wants to bend backward. My knees hyper extend backward so I need to work on not letting it Exercises were given to hopefully help this. Nov. 2016 MRI (Hard to lay so still for how long it can take but this one took less time than all others) Had a MS Dr. Appt, showed some new SMALL lesions but NO active lesions which is a super good thing Dr will make a determination on new meds after MRI in Nov 2017 December 2016 Slipped & fell on 23rd and my right knee bad since falling Using walker and got ankle brace, helping with ankle & it helps with the knee a bit but still doing exercises for right leg that my Physio Therapist gave me Feb 2017 Leg still bad Stressed at work since 23rd. My direct supervisor, who is also the Manager was let go Trying to figure out all he did & on top of it, it's inventory time, and other changes starting March 6th which adds to my job and one of the other supervisors job much more. Right before Year-end wonderful timing!! Lots of overtime hours, taking work home & staying late Talk about stressed, which isn't good for me! I hope to get better with uploading videos for you. The next few may be a bit different than this, where you listen to me talk about me. Hope you enjoy them. Please check out the following: There are also lots of links on this site to check out, this is my Son’s website, check out the Sponsor and Affiliate tab for a lot of different links. which is my Son’s YouTube channel or click on the videos tab on his website