De La Cruz High Quality Rope Horses And Kid Broke Gentle Ponies Music By Edbrucemusic.Com

Published on Feb. 21, 2012

I believe this video shows how much the De La Cruz Family Love their Horse's and their Horse Business. A Christ Centered Family, with a Heart for People. I can't think of better people to buy a horse from, whether it is a High Performance Roping Horse, or a Gentle Kid Broke Pony that you could put a 4 month old baby on. Whenever I buy a car, I'm more concerned with how the car was taken care of and I feel the same way about horses. It doesn't matter whether the horses are under the hood of a vehicle, or out in a field, I need to trust and believe the people I buy from are honest people. That is why I would personally recommend Santiago De La Cruz if you buy a Horse or a Pony in the State of Texas. Call (936) 672-0547 & Ask for Tonya or Santiago De La Cruz.