Day One F1 2016 Gameplay! | Career Options! Nationalities, Helmets, Numbers, Avatars And More!

Published on Aug. 19, 2016

BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE F1 2016 DAY ONE GAMEPLAY for PS4, Xbox One and Steam! (The Brand New Codemasters video game) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check Out My F1 2016 Playlist: All Videos below are in F1 2016 DAY ONE Playlist ^^^: - F1 2016 CAMERA ADJUSTER! MAKE A CUSTOM CAMERA - F1 2016 TUTORIAL MODE! HIDDEN MODE IN TIME TRIAL! - F1 2016 CAREER OPTIONS AND CUSTOMISATION! CUSTOM Helmets, Driver Numbers and Avatars! - F1 2016 SINGAPORE IN DAY! Time Trial Lap! - F1 2016 TIME TRIAL AND SETUP SETTINGS! Weather, time and custom setups! - F1 2016 NEW 'SIMULATOR' DIFFICULTY OF DAMAGE! TESTING DAMAGE PHYSICS AT DIFFERENT SPEEDS! - GAMEPLAY OF F1 2016 PIT BOARDS! CAN YOU HIT THEM? WHAT INFO IS ON THEM? - DRIVING BACKWARDS IN F1 2016? Penalty System and Disqualification! - ALL ASSISTS ON F1 2016! OSD, Breaking Assist, Traction Control and more! - F1 2016 NEW 'ON SCREEN DISPLAY' (OSD)! Voice Commands! Adjust Setup WHILE Racing! - F1 2016 Bahrain IN DAYTIME! F1 2016 Time Trial Lap! - F1 2016 UAE IN NIGHTTIME! F1 2016 Time Trial Lap! - F1 2016 MENU! ALL THE GAMEMODES! -F1 2016 ALL CAREER SETTINGS! FIVE LAP career? Customised Settings! - F1 2016 QUICK RACE SETTINGS! CUSTOMISE WEATHER! TIME OF DAY CUSTOMISER! - F1 2016 CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON SETTINGS! CUSTOM weekends for a WHOLE SEASON! TYRE CHOICES! - F1 2016 DRIVE TO THE TYRES EXPLODE! - F1 2016 ALL SETTINGS! Coming Soon: - F1 2016 podiums - All tracks (Australia, Malaysia, China, Bahrain, Spain, Monaco, Canada, Britain, Azerbaijan (Europe), Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi)) - F1 2016 finished career mode season 1 - F1 2016 upgrades - F1 2016 onboards (Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams, Red Bull, Renault, Force India, McLaren Honda, Haas, Manor, Toro Rosso) - F1 2016 time of day editor Anything you want to see? Comment it!