Day One F1 2016 Gameplay! | Career Options! Nationalities, Helmets, Numbers, Avatars And More!

Published on Aug. 19, 2016
Channel: Kierz
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE F1 2016 DAY ONE GAMEPLAY for PS4, Xbox One and Steam! (The Brand New Codemasters video game) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check Out My F1 2016 Playlist: All Videos below are in F1 2016 DAY ONE Playlist ^^^: - F1 2016 CAMERA ADJUSTER! MAKE A CUSTOM CAMERA - F1 2016 TUTORIAL MODE! HIDDEN MODE IN TIME TRIAL! - F1 2016 CAREER OPTIONS AND CUSTOMISATION! CUSTOM Helmets, Driver Numbers and Avatars! - F1 2016 SINGAPORE IN DAY! Time Trial Lap! - F1 2016 TIME TRIAL AND SETUP SETTINGS! Weather, time and custom setups! - F1 2016 NEW 'SIMULATOR' DIFFICULTY OF DAMAGE! TESTING DAMAGE PHYSICS AT DIFFERENT SPEEDS! - GAMEPLAY OF F1 2016 PIT BOARDS! CAN YOU HIT THEM? WHAT INFO IS ON THEM? - DRIVING BACKWARDS IN F1 2016? Penalty System and Disqualification! - ALL ASSISTS ON F1 2016! OSD, Breaking Assist, Traction Control and more! - F1 2016 NEW 'ON SCREEN DISPLAY' (OSD)! Voice Commands! Adjust Setup WHILE Racing! - F1 2016 Bahrain IN DAYTIME! F1 2016 Time Trial Lap! - F1 2016 UAE IN NIGHTTIME! F1 2016 Time Trial Lap! - F1 2016 MENU! ALL THE GAMEMODES! -F1 2016 ALL CAREER SETTINGS! FIVE LAP career? Customised Settings! - F1 2016 QUICK RACE SETTINGS! CUSTOMISE WEATHER! TIME OF DAY CUSTOMISER! - F1 2016 CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON SETTINGS! CUSTOM weekends for a WHOLE SEASON! TYRE CHOICES! - F1 2016 DRIVE TO THE TYRES EXPLODE! - F1 2016 ALL SETTINGS! Coming Soon: - F1 2016 podiums - All tracks (Australia, Malaysia, China, Bahrain, Spain, Monaco, Canada, Britain, Azerbaijan (Europe), Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi)) - F1 2016 finished career mode season 1 - F1 2016 upgrades - F1 2016 onboards (Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams, Red Bull, Renault, Force India, McLaren Honda, Haas, Manor, Toro Rosso) - F1 2016 time of day editor Anything you want to see? Comment it!